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Hi Friend. 

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Leticia, a 30-something mama from the beautiful sunny shores of Durban, South Africa. I am married to my college love, Brenton, and together we have 2 beautiful toddlers. They are a little pigeon pair that go by the names Kharis and Jaden. Together we serve God and live a full life of ministry and marvel. I am a certified PK (Preachers Kid) with a strong love for genuine friendships and joyful atmospheres. 

When I was born my dad tried to sum up his feelings in my name. He felt utter JOY, and so I was named. I love to encourage people and, minister the true source of joy, that is Jesus. I have found that whilst life is not always easy, we can always choose to be joyful. So welcome to this little space where we continuously choose to be joyful and to spread joy. 

I love adventure and in this space you’ll read about some of my favourite spots around my country and some of the fun things we get to do as a family. I also loooooove food. It is a passion of mine. Trying new things both in and out of our kitchen is a hobby that Brenton and I really enjoy. Another passion of mine is delving through the Word of God. I love learning more about it and transferring that knowledge to both kids and adults alike. The Bible has proven time and time again to be Gods Lettered Love towards us, open it up and prayerfully watch God unravel His love for you. 

I hope that you will leave this space feeling like a bubble, lighter and full of fun, ready to bring joy to everyone who meets you. 

Love and Bubbly Joy


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