A guide to homeschool preschoolers

A Guide to Homeschooling Preschoolers

Welcome to 2021, a year of being adaptable and approaching new challenges with better mindsets. As the pandemic continues to sweep the world, we’ve made the difficult decision of homeschooling our little girl. It was a hard decision because we loved her preschool so much, but for now we’ve had to do what’s best for our family, so here I am, homeschooling a 1- and 4-year-old. It’s been a week and it’s already been an adventure. I have had so many questions about the program we’re doing and how I’ve structured the day, so here I am to answer these great questions.

Firstly, my children are little, and they would have been in a Toddler and Grade RR/00 Preschool class, had they started this year in a school. That has made creating a program for them much easier and fun as there isn’t much pressure to reach specific academic goals this year. I have structured my days based on skills and readiness activities to allow them to develop both physically and mentally. Our goals for the year are based on independence, for example, being able to brush their teeth by themselves and for my eldest, use the toilet independently. Potty training my youngest is also on the cards. We focus on activities that encourage proper pencil and scissor grip and use for Kharis. However, Jaden is just one, so I do not place as much emphasis on these things, instead we focus on vocabulary and exploration, he does however love doing all the activities his sister does so I do not discourage him. Our daily routine includes activities to promote fine and gross motor skills as well as imaginative, messy and creative play.

I have decided to structure our weeks around a theme that run on a two-week cycle so that there is some structure and it’s easier for me to plan. This is also a format Kharis has been accustomed to so we’ve continued with it in a hope that she would adjust easier, and to my delight it has worked. Once I select a theme, I hit the internet, both Google and Pinterest, to find activities based on the goals I’d like to achieve.

An example of what our week looks like would be:


Preschool Homeschool Schedule


If you would like to follow some of the activities, we do then you can check out my Instagram and Pinterest Board.


Remember, Preschoolers learn through exploration and play, leave room for them to develop through fun.

Let me know in the comments section if you do try out any of these suggestions, or if you have some great tips for us to try.


Yours in Bubbly Joy



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