Ditch the mom guilt. Hey mama, its okay

Hey Mama, It’s Okay…

My favourite segment in Glamour magazine was always the “Hey It’s Ok” one. I always found it so relatable, so today I figured why not post a motherhood version. So here are my list of “It’s okay” Moments for moms.


  1. 1.	If you hid out in the bathroom for 5 minutes longer so that you could have some alone time

Sometimes we just need to ditch the mom guilt on this journey of motherhood. We’re all trying our best to raise happy kids in peaceful environments. If your home has the sound of laughter, the smell of good food (take out or homemade), and the atmosphere of joy and peace, then you, my dear friend, are doing a fantastic job. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Love and Bubbly Joy



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