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The KZN Lion Park is situated about 40 minutes outside of Durban in the area of Camperdown. It’s a great road trip to take with your littles if you’re looking to get out the house but aren’t willing to face hordes of people just yet.

Covid-19 has left us reluctant to venture out into busy areas, especially with the kids so we opted for this activity instead. The huge plus of this activity was that he kids never had to get out of the vehicle and were thrilled to go on an adventure.

Before our trip I packed two lunch bags of Padkos which included, fresh fruit delivered from Farmyard Co., a Hey Baby Teething Biscuit for J, and a Future Life Bar. The kids were so excited to be receiving packed goodies and tucked in as soon as we left.

Once we hit the road we played our favourite songs, and enjoyed being outside the house on an adventure for the first time in ages. If you travel down the N3 from Durban towards Pietermaritzburg it is very easy to find the Lion Park as there are directional boards from the freeway. Once you hit the inner roads keep your eyes open for Zebras and other interesting wildlife you may spot. There are also different parks you could visit, including a bird sanctuary and butterfly farm.

The cost of entry at the Lion Park is R120 per car and slightly more if you’re in a bigger van. The roads are sandy and difficult to drive on for cars but once you enter the lion sanctuary it is pretty exciting. You can expect to get up close to a pride of lions. Our experience involved Mufasa sniffing our headlights and stopping in front of us so we couldn’t drive away. Our hearts skipped a little beat, but he eventually moved on. Lions are majestic animals and to be able to see them up close was great fun for all of us. We also got to see two beautiful elephants that are amongst the herd that live on the property. The kids got to learn about the Indian and African elephants and watch them enjoying their surroundings.

We recommend the KZN Lion Park, especially if you have little kids who would get tired of walking hiking trails but still want an outdoor adventure. The safety of your vehicle also makes this a safe Covid activity with little or no admin of masks and hand sanitisers. Do give it a visit and let us know if you do.

Love and Bubbly Joy



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