Learn from women of the Bible: Hannah

Learn from Women of the Bible: Hannah

The story of Hannah begins in 1 Samuel 1. We meet a lady who is barren and longing for a child. Her pain is also emphasized by the second wife of Elkanah, Penninah. It was how she was defined as a woman. Her identity was wrapped up in her barrenness

And he had two wives: the name of one was Hannah, and the name of the other Peninnah. Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children.

1 Samuel 1:2

Every year her husband would go to the temple to pray. Every year Hannah would bear the pain of her barrenness in prayer as she heard the taunting of Penninah. I imagine Hannah’s brokenness through her cries to God must have been intense and full of desperation. As she prayed from the depths of her heart, she was even thought to be drunk.

What seemed unintelligible to man, was heard by God. God saw her tears and pain and responded by giving her a son, Samuel, who she gave back to God. In turn she bore 5 more children to her beloved husband.

I believe Hannah’s sincere and earnest prayer leaves us with so much to learn. There are so many that believe that it is only verbose language and eloquent prayers that move the heart and hand of God. Hannah never uttered a word aloud, her tears were mingled with her words and all she could offer were the cries of her heart, but it was enough.

God is so willing to receive your despair. He is so ready to take you as you are, pain and all, wrapped in the bandages of brokenness.

A trait I believe Hannah portrays is that of being a prayer warrior. Sometimes to war in the Spirit means that we have to lay it all down and reveal all that we desire. When you go to God in desperation, ready to lay it all down, unconcerned by the opinions of others, God comes through. Hannah was prepared to look undignified for her desire to be fulfilled.

When we met Hannah in the beginning of her story, she was labelled by her barrenness but in 1 Samuel 2: 19 she is labelled as “HIS MOTHER”. After yearning for that title for years on end, I can’t imagine the sheer joy she must have felt, a barrenness was broken, her identity was reinvented. The birthplace of this was the desperate prayer made by a prayer warrior hungry for change.

god can turn your desperation into restoration

If God can take Hannahs desperation and turn it into restoration, He can do it for you. Today, learn from this mother, reveal your heart in heartfelt prayer and allow God access to your inner most desires.

Hannah highs lows best trait and key verse. 1 Samuel 1:27

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  1. I love that you have highlighted her “unintelligible” prayer. It’s those moments when we are at our most broken and hurt that God hears the cry of our hearts, if only we would take them to Him.

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