Womens Month Series: Learn from women of the Bible: Tamar

Learning from Women of the Bible: Tamar

Todays featured woman is not just one, but two women who bore the same name. The first one can be found in Genesis 38. She is the daughter-in-law of Judah, a son of Jacob. The second Tamar is found in 2 Samuel 13, this being the beautiful daughter of King David.

The first Tamar was widowed, not once, but twice, then forgotten about by her father-in-law. At this time, Judah was in charge of providing for her, however he never arranged for Tamar to be married again. She in turn caused him to remember her by deceiving him and falling pregnant with his child. In Genesis 38:26 Judah calls Tamar more righteous than he is because he did not fulfill his duties to her. This confession of sin was one of the first ever recorded in the Bible.

Tamar endured a lot of loss and heartache over her years, but eventually she bore twins named Perez and Zerah. Perez went on to become the bloodline through which Jesus would come out of. Tamar is an example of how God can remember you and restore all that is lost.

The second Tamar is a princess who endured violence at the hand of her half-brother. She was raped and thrown out by her brother, Amnon, who lusted after her until he was sick. The story is gut wrenching, but what hurts more is that it is a common reality for many women around the world today. Many women suffer at the hands of close family members and those who would prefer to turn a blind eye. Many women suffer at the hands of men who a spurred on by evil friends like Jonadab who was the friend of Amnon.

The name Tamar means “Palm Tree”. The amazing thing about a palm tree is that it grows tall and can be found in deserts. Its roots can hold a huge amount of water to sustain it through the very dry months. The winds it endures are also often very violent, they are able to withstand hurricanes, because unlike other trees, palm trees bend, they do not break when put under immense pain from external forces. Palm trees are not like regular trees which are woody, palm trees are made up off a spongy material. They are flexible.

You were created from a heavenly place where you can stand strong against the storms that come at you and simply bounce back

Just like a palm tree, you are made from a different fiber. You were created from a heavenly place where you can stand strong against the storms that come at you and simply bounce back. Just like the palm tree, when you sink your roots into God’s Word and promises you find a deeper source of sustenance, one that does not depend on your external circumstances, but depends on a Divine Source, that never depletes.

Today may we rise above pain that’s thrown at us, like Tamar, even if life has to bend you, may it never break you.




7 thoughts on “Learning from Women of the Bible: Tamar

  1. Thank you for inspiring so many of us and teaching us about so many women of God that go unnoticed.. God bless you🙌❤️

  2. Leti, this resonated with me so much, I don’t think i can adequately express just how. Allow me to touch one one bit…
    I have been listening to the Jesus Cluture song “How he loves us” on repeat this past couple days and the lyrics go: “…and I am a tree bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy…” so the palm tree was a perfect illustration of this in the two Tamars, incidentally, both of whom I had encountered this past week in my devotions and discussions.
    Absolutely love your little inspirations, they are power packed and profound. Much love to you gorgeous ❤

  3. Thanks for sharing such great inspiration Leticia.
    This echoes so much with the Unbreakable Souls initiative. You were spot on! This is truly encouraging, just to be reminded that God continues to remember us in the middle of the storms. We refuse to sink👏👏👏

  4. This is so inspiring Leti! Sometimes we get so caught up with what’s happening in our lives & all the difficulties, but our assurance should be God. He will always have us. No matter our trials that make us feel bent, we can never be broken because of the strength of Our God. Thank you for sharing & reminding us just how strong we are with God! ❤️

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