Learn from Women of the Bible: Jael

Learning from Women of the Bible: Jael

The story of Jael is a very short one in the Bible. Jael is a tent dweller and the wife of a Kenite, a people who were allies of the enemies of Israel. Her story can be found and the end of Judges 4, she is also mentioned in a song by Deborah, the Israelite judge in chapter 5.

Jael was not an expected ally of Israel, however she is certainly a heroine. During a battle, King Sisera was attempting an escape from the hand of Barak, a general in the Israeli army. Along the way Jael met him and offered her tent to be his hiding place from the enemy. She covered him with a rug, almost maternally, and nourished him with milk. He soon drifted off to sleep and that’s when Jael seized her opportunity. She took a tent peg and pierced his temple all the way to the ground, killing him. Little is known of why she did what she did. Perhaps God spoke to her, perhaps she was afraid of what Sisera would do to her, but whatever the reason her bravery overtook her.

I believe she was fierce! I would love to be ferocious against the enemy like Jael was. Today our enemies are not flesh and blood but rather principalities and powers of darkness.

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We could all learn to be brave and fierce like Jael, never allowing the enemy to mess with us. She used her maternal nature and what was in her hands to overcome the enemy. Jael could also be labelled as resourceful. She was skilled with a tent peg, not a sword, she knew exactly how to use her weapon. We may not all be able to wield swords but we can use what we’ve been given and what we have been skilled in. Even though very little is said about Jael, her actions gave us insight into the kind of women she was, she was fierce and resourceful and that is something I would like to adopt from this Bible Heroine.

Jael Highs Lows Key traits and main verse

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  1. Oh Leti I love this! I was just saying to Craig this morning that we need to hear more about lesser known women in the bible as opposed to the usual stories. Excellent write up. Thank you❤

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