3 Lessons from Beauty and the Beast

3 Lessons from Beauty and the Beast

Recently my daughter and I curled up for a mommy daughter movie night. We pulled out the popcorn and Astros (her fav combo) and watched a Disney classic, Beauty and The Beast. I’ve always loved Belle, perhaps because she was a homely bookworm with a heart of compassion. Perhaps because she was French and I love all things French. This time whilst watching the movie I picked up a few lessons I may have never noticed before, I thought it worthwhile to share them with you.


  1. Be wary of smooth talkersBe wary of smooth talkers

Gaston was a crowd pleaser. He knew how to convince the people with his smooth talking. Whilst it may have seemed silly that the people followed so blindly, its actually quite common for people to act this way. We get enticed by fancy language and smooth words that are easy to hear, and before we know it, we are carrying pitch forks on a road without assessing our actions. BE WARY, assess the heart of people before following blindly.


  1. Kindness can break down tough wallsKindness can break down tough walls

The beast was a tough, hardened man in desperate need of kindness. Sometimes in life tough exteriors are only fronts to hide fragile hearts that are in need of understanding. For those brave enough to show kindness when it’s easier to run in the opposite direction, you’ll find a new friend, a new joy and an openness rarely afforded to anyone. Extending kindness isn’t always easy but it’s worth the risk.


  1. First Impressions aren’t always accurateFirst Impressions aren't always accurate

My best friend and I didn’t like each other when we first met. I thought she was stubborn and completely closed to meeting people, so different from me. In fact, last year when my daughter started school, she immediately began fighting with a girl during the open day, what a great start! Towards the middle of the year the two of them became inseparable. Belle was immediately put off by the beasts’ abrupt attitude and demeanor, but lucky for all of the above, the first impression isn’t the most important one. We should never judge someone based on the first impression we have of them, always give people a chance to show us all of themselves.


What are some of your favourite movies? What are some lessons you have learnt from them? Please do share in the comments. I’d love to know.


Love and Bubbly Joy





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