Kids Book Recommendation the Jesus storybook Bible

Kids Book Recommendation: The Jesus Storybook Bible

The day I found out that I was going to be a mom I went straight to the bookstore and purchased a Storybook Bible for my daughter. I believe that teaching kids the Word God is an absolute must. I have been reading to her since her time in my tummy. I love that story Bible however the stories are a little shortened. When I was younger I remember having a yellow One-Year Bible that I loved. Unfortunately it has been donated over time. 

Recently someone gifted my daughter The Jesus Storybook Bible. This is one of the best Storybook Bibles I’ve ever read. It definitely blows others out the park. It is written in such a relatable and conversational manner that kids love. The tag line of the Bible also happens to be “Every story whispers his name”. I love the way the writer introduces Jesus in every story. It has made teaching the Word so fun and easy. My child can see Gods ultimate rescue plan for us even in stories about Namaan or David. 

There are also many resources available for this particular Bible Storybook. You can find activity sheets and devotionals to help kids engage more. This storybook Bible is a definite investment in your childs spiritual growth and should be on every family’s bookshelf. 

This Book has received 5 bubbles from us. 

5 star recommendation

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