5 No Prep Activities for Kids. All of the fun. None of the fuss

5 No Prep Activities for Kids

It’s time to entertain the kids again, despite the hundreds of toys lying around the house, they want more. Typical! Here are 5 things you can do with your children without a single minute of prep.

  1. Hot Potato

We love this game in our home. You can grab a small ball or, yes you’ve guessed it, a potato,  for tossing. We pick a category and name as many objects as we can in the category. I like to link it to whatever theme we’ve covered in our “Covid Home-schooling” for the week. Some fun topics include, colours, animals (we sometimes break this down into: farm animals, sea animals, land animals), things that go, fruit, vegetables. You can be as creative as you like and as your kids grow it’s a fun way to test their knowledge.

  1. Have a Dance Party

There’s nothing more fun for kids than putting on their favourite songs and singing and dancing at their loudest most vibrant dance moves. Dancing also gets your happy hormones flowing. So next time the mood is glum just find your favourite music and get moving.

  1. Act it Out

My kids love to be dramatic, its one of their many giftings, no guesses which parent that trait came from! So we love writing random scenes down on little pieces of paper and then picking them out of a hat. We act them out and enjoy a good laugh. Some pretend scenarios to try with younger kids are:

  • Cooking a meal
  • Lions on a hunt, chasing their prey
  • Bathing a baby
  • Going shopping
  • Riding a Horse
  1. Dress Up

This is always lots of fun and definitely encourages some great imaginary play. Pick out some of your clothing, or get the kids to choose their favourite items from your cupboard, and dress them up. Some clothing items may have some cool stories, like the outfit you wore the day they were born or the dress you wore the day you met daddy. Share these fun details with your kids, I’m certain they will love this story time.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This can either be done inside or outside. I love that it helps kids take notice of their surroundings. I like incorporating basic concepts into what they will find. For my kids, who are both very young, I choose to hunt out things with specific colours, shapes or identities. Click on the link below for a FREE printable.

Fun Kids Daily Learning Schedule

The list is endless and really doesn’t require much thought. Just look around, you may also take notice of things you never saw before

I hope you have fun trying out these really easy no-prep activities for children. Remember that children learn most through play. Each of these simple games allow kids to develop a skill that they will need in life, not to mention fill their hearts with precious memories of fun things their parents used to do with them.

Enjoy every moment with your littlies, the time passes way too fast.

Love and Bubbly Joy



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