Why your mom mood matters and three ways to improve it

Why your mom mood matters

Lets face it, motherhood is tough. It isn’t always perfectly planned activities in the sun and having flowers picked for you. It’s sometimes toddler tantrums, teething and sleepless nights. In fact, that’s what most of our days look like. These challenging moments can leave us feeling deflated, like we’re failing at our most important job, and that leaves us moody and irritable. Sometimes its external sources that cause our mood to dip, bad news from work, a call from the bank, maybe even a fight with your spouse, and poof, your mood for the entire day is ruined. 

My mom always says that a woman is the thermostat of her home, she determines the temperature of the house. If your mood is too hot, best believe everyone will be feeling the heat for that day.

a woman is the thermostat of her home

In Proverbs 27:15 it says

“A quarrelsome wife is as annoying as constant dripping on a rainy day.”

We need to strive to be thermostats that keep the temperature at an optimum throughout the day. We cannot be mothers who are constantly in a bad mood, creating atmospheres of strife wherever we go. Instead lets create atmospheres of joy. Here are 3 ways in which you can set yourself us to create joyful atmospheres in your home. 

  1. Carve out time to cultivate your Spirit

Set aside a time in your day for you to focus on what fills your Spirit with joy. You pour out what you put in and it is important to fill yourself with peace, love and joy. You could read a devotional, journal your gratitude, and pray. Each one of these things will give you the peace you need to set out your day. 

2. Do one thing that fills your tank

Perhaps a cup of coffee in silence makes you feel energised. For some a morning jog in solitude does the trick. Maybe just getting glammed up or simply washing your hair gives you the go you need to conquer your day. Do it. Intentionally. Set out time and focus on one thing that will jump start your mood. As your tank begins to deplete in the day, take 5 minutes to fill it up, you are no good to anybody if you are burnt out. So recharge 

3. Impress Yourself

Get rid of the need to keep up with your favourite InstaCeleb posting their fav highlights of the week. Instead choose to impress yourself by achieving your own goals. If your goals for the day are to get through the homeschooling program and meet your deadlines, then focus on achieving that. When you are satisfied with your own progress it gives your body a natural high and helps you keep going to achieve more. So work on you and what your goals are, because when you are happy with yourself you make others happy. 

Remember mom, you set the mood in your home. Make it one that’s more than bearable, make it one that’s full of joy

Love and Bubbly Joy



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