Dear Daughter.... for those who suffer gender based violence

Dear Daughter of the King…

A letter to those who have suffered the blows of gender based violence

I know you’ve suffered hurt at the hands of the man who was given your heart to protect and honour. I know that it has been a painful road of abuse and violence against your femininity. Your pillow holds oceans of tears, the waves coloured with blood stained blows. Your heart, more bruised than your face shows, as hard as that may to believe. 

I have a secret for you, there is a hiding place for you to dwell in, a shadow for you to find shelter. The arms of God are open and willing to cover you. He sees your brokenness, he hears your cries. HE is the one who can put the fragile pieces back together, tenderly, lovingly, He has the remedy for your broken heart. 

God sees you

The Fathers love is overreaching, ready to envelop all your fears and insecurities. Precious daughter, he loved you before your birth. He formed your delicate curves, your smouldering eyes, your captivating spirit. You were created from the rib, a bone that is to protect the vital organs of a body, a bone that protects the heart. I know you feel like your heart has been battered, bruised, anything but protected, but there is a Father, who has every intention to care for your wounded heart. 

I hope that you will hear the whisper of the Fathers heart towards you, his precious daughter. So cherished and so worthy are you beautiful girl. My prayer is that His love will fill all the brokenness you feel because you are beautifully loved. 

you are loved

I love you

God, Your Father, Loves You



4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter of the King…

  1. Beautiful Leti. I find that so many women look to someone else to heal their brokenness, especially their heart. I hope that by reading this, more women will come to realize that only God can. Thank you for this inspiration.

    1. Thank you Leti for this most encouraging and inspiring message -yes it is only Abba father that can bring healing in our brokenesss,sometimes women forget that.THANK YOU for reminding me once again of the fathers love for me.God bless

      1. Love this Leti. A beautiful read, & well said. I know this will inspire a lot of women.
        I’m looking forward to more of your write ups.

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