Once Lockdown Ends…

The world is currently in lockdown, and whilst it is beginning to ease in many countries, it still isn’t completely safe to emerge into normal society once again. There are some spots that we cannot wait to visit in our beautiful city, the city of Durban, once the lockdown eases. So here is our list:

Durban beach
Durban Beachfront
  1. The Beach

We’ll definitely be heading out for a beach walk, along our amazing promenade that stretches across the Durban Golden Mile. We can’t wait to take the kids to soak in that Durban sunshine as they ride bikes or run along with us. 


Views at Shongweni Farmers Market

2. Shongweni Farmers Market

This is one of my absolute favourite weekend activities. I love the crisp, inland air, the amazing stalls, the family atmosphere and the deliciously fresh food. I can’t wait to enjoy a hearty breakfast and coffee whilst looking out towards the waterfall in the distance, then leisurely walking through the stalls. It’s also the perfect place to support local businesses which I am intentionally trying to do more of. 

Meat board at Hussar Grill, Durban

3. Hussar Grill

This is our favourite date night spot. We love everything about this restaurant. From the experience to the food we have never been disappointed at Hussar Grill. If you do visit this place please give the cheese sauce a try. It’s not your average cheese sauce, well worth the try. We pass this restaurant often and my heart always says a wish for us to be visiting soon. A date night is definitely in order and I cannot wait to make my reservation once restaurants reopen. 

Play Area at Waffle House

4. The Waffle House

In February, just before Covid-19 hit our shores, we were fortunate enough to spend a week in Margate with family. On this trip we visited The Waffle House. This is a South Coast must, and if left a big impression on my little girl, she talks about visiting this spot again. The drive is also a great family road trip, so we will be making this trip soon. 

Midlands Meander

5. Midlands Meander 

Every year, when autumn hits, I long for driving through the Midlands Meander, stopping at all the quaint shops and eateries along the way. This year, being quarantined at home with two kids under 4, only made that desire stronger. I’ll definitely be doing a road trip through the midlands as soon as we get the all clear and this corona-coaster ends. 

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