celebrate you

Celebrate YOU

Beautiful. Talented. SENSATIONAL. Special. Sexy. BRILLIANT.

 How many people can identify with even one of these words? My guess is not many but the truth is at least one of these words describe you! Often people don’t feel like they are worth anything because nobody ever took the time to tell them that they were.

 A sad truth is that many people wait for positive affirmation from others before they can believe it for themselves. We live in a world where people are so engrossed in their own personal goals and ideas that nobody ever takes the time to celebrate others. Unfortunately this means that positive affirmation is a rare occurrence.

 If you are waiting for someone to tell you that you are brilliant… STOP WAITING! It’s about time people started taking time out of their days to enjoy the life God has given them. By spending time doing what you love, you subconsciously reaffirm yourself.

by spending time doing what you love you subconsciously reaffirm yourself

 By taking even five minutes extra to look good in the morning for yourself, not for your crush or your husband but for yourself, you allow yourself room to feel good about you! When last did you do something for you? Did you buy those sexy heels you wanted so badly or were you overcome by guilt? Stop feeling guilty for loving you. You deserve to feel special and if you don’t do it for yourself, nobody else will ever see your value! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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