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Shattered faith

What to do with Shattered Faith

How do you approach God? Do you come to Him like a magical genie in the sky ready to meet your every need? Do you command and wait for Him to fulfil your wishes? Many people approach God only when they are in need. When they hit desperation, you find their fervency increase but is […]

How to deal with mean girls

How to Deal with Mean Girls

We’ve all been a victim of them. Dominating the playground or the workplace, even in the social media streets, mean girls are rife. They whisper about you as you turn your head, they form Whatsapp groups and make you the topic of discussion, tearing your character apart with their words. So how do you deal […]

Praying Over your children

10 Prayer Points for Parents

As parents we need to declare and decree in the spirit realm where our children are concerned. It is so important that we hold them up in prayer as we have been given charge over our children and are responsible for their walk with God. So here are 10 Prayer Points to prayer over your […]

1 Year of Lockdown

Lockdowns One Year Anniversary

This month marks the one-year anniversary of our lives being thrust into lockdown. For many of us, this was an all-time first. We headed into the unknown with fear and trembling in our hearts. Some of us grew anxious by the minute as number began to soar and we may have even broken down a […]

Stop the search! I'm back


I have neglected this space for a little while and it’s time to share why… My intention with this blog is to motivate, inspire and encourage you. My lifelong prayer has always been “Lord make me like Barnabas, the son of encouragement”. When you read about Barnabas in the book of Acts you will read […]

A guide to homeschool preschoolers

A Guide to Homeschooling Preschoolers

Welcome to 2021, a year of being adaptable and approaching new challenges with better mindsets. As the pandemic continues to sweep the world, we’ve made the difficult decision of homeschooling our little girl. It was a hard decision because we loved her preschool so much, but for now we’ve had to do what’s best for […]

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